Eglo & Eglo Lighting

Even though it is said that the light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison, scientists and inventors were already researching the use of electrical light in the early 19th century. Although the first patents for light bulbs were awarded in 1841, Edison only permitted their practical use and mass production in 1880.

We at EGLO Lighting have found a place in the history of light that has been successfully growing for over 50 years. 

”Contemporary design, coupled with high functionality, at affordable prices” by Eglo Lighting

This has always been, and continues to be the Eglo Lighting motto.

At the cutting edge, Eglo Lighting develop and produce products that are tailored to the needs of Eglo Lighting customers. Currently Eglo Lighting are working intensively on the the subject of Smart Lighting and bring light and lighting into a digitally networked and easily controllable form.

Whatever the future will bring in terms of light, Eglo Lighting will continue to carry contemporary lighting solutions for all areas of life from the Austrian Tyrol into the entire world.

Eglo Lighting Milestones

Moments that showcase our Eglo Lighting bright history.

Enter the number 1969 into a search engine. You will find that it was a very busy year: 
America celebrated Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. The first heart transplant was performed in Germany, and the Concorde went on its virgin flight in France. Eglo Lighting corporate history begins in that year as well.

Eglo Lighting Foundation

Determination, perseverance and constant development: These are the cornerstones Eglo Lighting established the company upon.

About 50 years ago, the founder Ludwig Obwieser gave the Eglo Lighting company exactly these characteristics. So far he has written a success story that we not only celebrate, but that Eglo Lighting can also be proud of.

Eglo Lighting Globalisation

"From the Tyrol into the World" sounds more like Tourism. The globalisation of EGLO Lighting started out in the 1980s and 1990s. The first step in 1986 was the founding of the first sales Eglo Lighting company in Germany. Eglo Lighting now operate over 70 companies in more than 50 countries.  

Eglo Lighting Site in Hungary

The first EGLO Lighting plant was built in Hungarian Pásztó in 1994. The site has grown continually and now comprises a 4-floor production hall with 14,000 m² and a 5,000 m² fully-automated high-bay warehouse.

Eglo Lighting Steady growth

Eglo Lighting have built our Eglo Lighting warehouses in central locations to permit quick delivery. In 1997, Eglo Lighting storage area exceeded 10,000 m3 for the first time. This trend continued for the next 20 years. By 2017, the storage area had reached approx. 200,000 m3.

Eglo Lighting Production site China

Eglo Lighting have been producing in China since 2001. Eglo Lighting office and production building covers an area exceeding 120,000 m². The EGLO  Lighting China factory has more than 1,100 employees.

Eglo Lighting​​​​​​​ into the future with LED

The world of lights is characterised by more than just visual trends. Eglo Lighting also keep up with the latest technical developments. This way, Eglo Lighting started the Eglo Lighting journey in LED technology in 2006.

Today, almost Eglo Lighting entire range is made up of long-lived, energy-saving LED illuminants.

Eglo Lighting Smart Lighting

Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone in 2007. From that point on, the smartphone began its triumphant advance. And now your home will be smart too. That's why Eglo Lighting are working on solutions so you can control your lights and your home quickly and easily with your smart devices.

Eglo Lighting​​​​​​​ Commissioning in India

Eglo Lighting have been producing Eglo Lighting lights in China and Hungary for many years. Another milestone in light production was the opening of the Eglo Lighting plant in India. After thorough preparation, the first EGLO light was produced in India in 2017.

Eglo Lighting​​​​​​​ 50th anniversary

Think global, act local. No company understands this philosophy better than the EGLO Lighting Group: Headquartered in Pill, Austria with over 70 companies worldwide, more than 80,000 lights produced per day, factories in Hungary, China and India.

Eglo Lighting​​​​​​​ Breaking Ground in Magdeburg

As part of Eglo Lighting continued development of Eglo Lighting European logistics network Eglo Lighting are adding a fourth central warehouse in Magdeburg, Germany. This new warehouse will have space for approx. 76,000 pallets and will employ over 150 people. The warehouse is planned to come on stream in January 2021.

Eglo Lighting​​​​​​​ Opening EGLO Lichtwelten

From the end of April 2023, Europe's largest lighting store will offer a wide selection of articles from the Eglo Lighting range as well as exciting visual and auditory impressions. A modern Eglo Lighting 3-storey building with a total of 7,500m² of showroom space and 4,600m² of outdoor space has been created on a site of around 10,000m².

Eglo Lighting The pillars of our thought process

The development of EGLO Lighting has been and continues to be rapid: from the number of Eglo Lighting employees, through sales development, to production facilities and sales companies around the globe: These growth rates exceed the market, in order to make sure that EGLO Lighting will continue to grow healthily in the future, the Eglo Lighting business development is driven with great sustainability. Eglo Lighting preserve what has been tried and tested and leave space to let our Eglo Lighting principles grow along with us.

Eglo Lighting Preserving and developing what has proven its worth

Eglo Lighting headcount has nearly doubled in 10 years (from 2007 to 2017). The number of companies of the EGLO Lighting Sales Group grew five-fold in 20 years (1997 to 2017).

The first secret of success is the fact that EGLO Lighting is still a family-owned business and can therefore act independently. Control over development, production and logistics was also an Eglo Lighting success factor right from the start. Eglo Lighting learn every day and invest in our Eglo Lighting customers, our Eglo Lighting partners, our Eglo Lighting employees, our Eglo Lighting products, and our Eglo Lighting service worldwide.

Eglo Lighting Global & local

Around 70 EGLO Lighting companies are responsible for Eglo Lighting sales, Eglo Lighting service and, in some cases, regional marketing in more than 50 countries around the world. In spite of the progressing internationalisation and globalisation, Eglo Lighting are, and remain, a family-owned company with Tyrolean roots.

Think global - act local becomes more and more "Ask local - act global" with increasing networking and different regional needs. Eglo Lighting customers belong to a regional culture and have different needs, even if they operate and shop globally. To unite and reconcile these two worlds is one of Eglo Lighting highest aspirations.

Eglo Lighting & Lights that inspires the masses

Almost every two hours, a new product is developed at EGLO Lighting. That's an average of almost four new Eglo Lighting products per working day.

Last year alone, more than 900 new Eglo Lighting products were developed and launched on the market. The current Eglo Lighting product range comprises more than 4,000 articles. Every day Eglo Lighting produce 80,000 lights worldwide for Eglo Lighting customers around the world.

Even for Eglo Lighting these numbers are always impressive. Much more, however, is Eglo Lighting understanding of people and light. It takes fine antennas, the ability to listen and vision to understand what Eglo Lighting customers want to see and experience in their homes in the future. You can only become a trendsetter by setting the direction yourself. Eglo Lighting constantly observe light, living and life developments, absorb creative impulses from various fields and examine trends according to their potential.

Eglo Lighting Strong together

The rapid growth of EGLO Lighting has always been a challenge for Eglo Lighting organisation. Eglo Lighting regional-global understanding and the fact that EGLO Lighting is still family-owned, and will remain so, help Eglo Lighting to meet this challenge. For Eglo Lighting, size is only a strength if things work on a small scale. For this reason, location is indispensable: to our Eglo Lighting customers, our Eglo Lighting partners and our Eglo Lighting employees. Only in perfectly organised and well networked units can Eglo Lighting manage and develop 4,700 employees worldwide.

Another interesting aspect of our Eglo Lighting organisations philosophy refers to consistent support of our Eglo Lighting partners. Eglo Lighting continually consider our Eglo Lighting employees, not just the Eglo Lighting consumer: "What should and what can Eglo Lighting offer? Where is our Eglo Lighting experience needed? What do our Eglo Lighting employees expect and what are our own Eglo Lighting demands?" Eglo Lighting want to understand and find a shared path to success. This way, Eglo Lighting partnerships are created that will be preserved for decades. This culture is not only part of our Eglo Lighting organisation, but our Eglo Lighting personal statement to everyone who works with Eglo Lighting.

Logistics play a decisive role in Eglo Lighting organisation. All the effort would be in vain if the goods weren't in the right place, at the right time, and in the right quantity. That is why Eglo Lighting are continually investing in optimisation of our Eglo Lighting production and Eglo Lighting supply chain. Eglo Lighting perfect processes, build new warehouses and work on small details that make a big difference. Eglo Lighting 1-stop logistics is just one result of this, but perhaps the most central.