About Us

Massive Lighting has been collectively active in the lighting industry for over 25 years making Massive Lighting a reputable name in lighting design, lighting manufacturing, lighting supply and lighting installation. Here at Massive Lighting we believe that you as the customer desire great lighting at great prices from all leading manufacturers. Lighting is often overlooked and that is why here at Massive Lighting we offer a lighting design service to cater for all your lighting requirements, from small domestic dwellings to football stadiums no lighting project is to small or indeed to “massive” just another day in paradise to our design team who rise to the challenge every time. Massive Lighting know that light changes mood and atmosphere, extensive research into how lights and lighting make a massive change to us has been carried out by Massive Lighting resulting in the knowledge that we believe you can feel the light as well as see the light.

:Disclaimer: We are not Signify (Formally known as Philips Lighting) or part of Signify (Formally known as Philips Lighting) we are independant lighting specialists as described above, if you require Signify (Formally known as Philips Lighting) or information based on Signify (Formally known as Philips Lighting) products we are unable assist you.